Relaunching Brooklyn Copper Cookware

Artist Renderings of Brooklyn Copper Cookware Pots

The first five pieces in our new line: 9.5″ Sauté, 3 Quart Rondeau, 6 Quart Casserole, 16 Quart Stock Pot

A Letter from Mac Kohler

Hello! We’re very happy for your interest and that you’ve stopped by.

Brooklyn Copper Cookware, Ltd. reintroduced American-made heavy-weight copper cookware to the market about four years ago – the first in a generation. Before we’d even finished our first pans we were deluged with orders, repair work and press coverage – exactly what any company just starting out could wish for, right? As grateful as we were (and are) for the amazing reception, we hadn’t anticipated just how big the demand for our solid, simple, beautifully-crafted tools would be, and we fell behind fulfilling orders pretty much immediately. Other factors outside our control (like weather) further compromised our delivering quality in a timely manner, so we shut things down to reassess. Having determined the market is ready for BCC, and committed as we are to making world-class wares in the US by hand, how best to now make those wares and meet demand?

The full story of relaunching Brooklyn Copper Cookware is available on our blog, but in the meantime work continues apace on bringing our original idea back to market better and… more original!

Lord willin’ and the crick don’t rise (again), we’ll be introducing the first of our redesigned, re-engineered BCC lineup by summer 2015. You can be first to know by signing up for our newsletter, or if you’d like to get on the pre-order list just click here and we’ll take you there.

Everything we’re already known for will only be getting better in BCC v2.0 – we’ll be using even thicker material on many of our pieces, adding new items, improving our covers, and introducing the most elegant iron ever married to copper. Our first new pieces will include the 3 quart rondeau, the 16 quart stock pot, our very popular 6 quart casserole and our best-selling 9.5 inch sauté.

Pre-orders have been going very well. We want to make sure we have enough of everything for everyone who has been hanging in there with us these last couple of years, so we will be closing pre-orders at midnight EST, June 30th. Until then you still have the opportunity to be listed for any or all of the first pieces, just click here to jump to the pre-order page.

We’re not slowing down on tooling-up the rest of our line. We have sauce pans, oven and roasting tools, different sizes and many other wares in the works. To get early word on every piece we’ll be releasing in coming months don’t forget to sign up for our newsletter.

Since you’re reading this you’re likely already a “copperhead”. Perhaps you already own a few pieces, or a whole collection. Maybe you have a single pan that seldom sees a day go by unused. If your old copper needs tinning, rounding, rivet tightening, mirror polishing, all of the above, or just a little lovin’, please inquire after our restoration services. You may be surprised how little it takes to bring your favorite pan back to showroom condition. Just drop us a line through the contact page and we’ll get you started.

And if you have any questions regarding copper cookware, or any other cookware for that matter (or if you’d just like to say “hi”), from aficionado and beginner alike we’d love to hear from you.

One last reminder: Pre-orders close June 30th at midnight, EST.

Again, thanks for your interest and we look forward to helping out in the kitchen.

Sincerely, Mac Kohler