Open Letter, Part 2

So, lessons learned, refunds made, tuition paid, where does BCC stand today? Or, more to the point – and in answer to what so many of you have pointedly asked over the months – when do we begin dealing again?

An Open Letter to our Friends, Customers and Supporters

Several months have passed since BCC sent out the last Hammersmith pan, and while Hammersmith is no longer in the pot dealing business, Brooklyn Copper Cookware is alive, kickin’ and coming back stronger, with new partnerships from coast-to-coast and entirely new designs for American-made copper cookware.

An Open Letter to Our Friends and Supporters

(This is excerpted from our first newsletter, sent to subscribers in late June, 2011) Dear Everyone, Welcome to our first effort at a little community outreach! Over the past several months we’ve been contacted by all of you in one or more ways, and if you’ve ordered from us or checked off that little box […]

“How’s it made?” Answered.

I had occasion to organize my thoughts on our manufacturing process recently, which over the past several years has evolved utterly without semblance of a plan. Since no one has manufactured copper cookware domestically for over a generation, it was never going to be the sort of path for which maps already existed. Not to […]

Cockles and Prawns, Green and Black

Shellfish have had the long sunny days of summer to fatten up, making them especially sweet, unctuous and tender now that it’s early Winter. Arriving home with a few dozen cockles and prawns I put our new BCC 6 Quart Casserole on the fire and brought together this dish. There are a couple of exotic ingredients in here. If […]

Our Story

Whose idea was this, anyway? We started Brooklyn Copper Cookware on the heels of two events. The first a revelation, the second the answer to a simple question. Sustainability: the best is forever. The revelation occurred in the mountains of Portugal, over the hamlet of Sintra, a village favored by Lisboans for day-trips and which Lord Byron […]