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Getting a Handle on Made in America

I was not born, trained nor ever even politely introduced to manufacturing of any sort before I determined that making cookware was somehow a smart career choice for my so-called “second act”. I have the great good fortune of a partner to whom the complexities of raw material sourcing, machine-tool operation and maintenance, labor relations, regulatory tangles and such other of the daily challenges of making actual things are well understood. That’s Jeff, of course, and you can read more about him at the main site too.

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Brooklyn Copper Cookware: Out of the Pan and into the Fire

On November 7th, 2010 my life changed profoundly. It could not have happened with less pomp or circumstance; it came to pass (like so much radical change these days) with the pushing of a button. From one second to the next the Brooklyn Copper Cookware website I’d spent months imagining was suddenly organized enough to pronounce itself an actual destination, so with a single click my doors swung open for business, and I promptly went to bed.

The drama had been in the lead up – a couple of years of:

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