April 2017, Print Edition

“…There’s no need to go to Parisian kitchen supply store E. Dehillerin to capture that feeling (or to reap the benfits: It heats evenly and maintains the heat). We have our eye on Brooklyn Copper Cookware, which makes copper pots and pans the old French way: by hand. A nonstick tin lining instead of stainless steel means they heat up faster.” Nikita Richardson, Bon Appétit

Bon Appétit April 2017 coverBon Appétit April 2017, page 16.

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Why Buying Beautiful Copper Cookware Is Actually Worth It

April 24, 2017, Online Edition

While it’s not as hardy as cast iron or as cheap as aluminum cookware, the pieces you’ll find from Brooklyn Copper Cookware …are embodiments of good science and craftsmanship.

So, what should you look for? The best copper pans are handcrafted—hammered out by a coppersmith, then lined with pure tin (by a tinsmith) before being fit with a cast iron handle (by an ironsmith). Legit. Nikita Richardson, Bon Appétit

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