The Hammersmith line of copper cookware is no longer available. We introduced our redesigned, re-engineered Brooklyn Copper Cookware lineup in 2015.

Everything we’re already known for will only be getting better in BCC v2.0 – we’re using even thicker copper on many of our pieces, adding new items, improving our copper-to-tin bond, and introducing the most elegant iron ever married to copper. Our first new pieces include the 3 quart rondeau, the 14 quart stock pot, our very popular 6 quart casserole and our best-selling 9.5 inch sauté. To learn more, please visit our online store.

The Hammersmith Copper Au Gratin Pan

Hammersmith Copper Au Gratin Pan

Makes Everything More Comforting.

While seeking some honest “Jersey Juice” we recently wrong-turned our way to the Sabot family and Cricket Creek Farm outside of Williamstown, MA. Not only did they have creamy rich raw milk, but Jude, Topher and the whole crew are doing everything right – real organic archangels, and the nicest folks you’d ever want to meet.

But let’s talk about the cheese, Gromet.

When you visit, splash out on a hunk of Jude’s Tobasi. On your way home stop for some decent dry penne; we hit Pastosa in Bay Ridge on our way in. Combine the two with a bit of béchamel, a heavy pan and a hot oven, and you’re in for mac & cheese that will move you to poetry. As much as we like certain things raw, sometimes a lot of heat is very cool.

Once the caramel-crisp scent is out in the hallway our neighbors start ringing; it’s a pop-up party and people love the crust. “How do you get it so perfect?” they ask.

We use a lot of copper and tin, we say. A few pounds.

The Hammersmith Au Gratin. In two sizes: personal (9 inch) and party (13 inch). Organic in the way Jude understands.

Raw materials and sketches for Hammersmith copper pots

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