The Hammersmith line of copper cookware is no longer available. We introduced our redesigned, re-engineered Brooklyn Copper Cookware lineup in 2015.

Everything we’re already known for will only be getting better in BCC v2.0 – we’re using even thicker copper on many of our pieces, adding new items, improving our copper-to-tin bond, and introducing the most elegant iron ever married to copper. Our first new pieces include the 3 quart rondeau, the 14 quart stock pot, our very popular 6 quart casserole and our best-selling 9.5 inch sauté. To learn more, please visit our online store.

The Hammersmith Copper Casserole Pot

Hammersmith Copper Casserole Pot

Live with it.

Six quarts in which to do everything beautifully. We love our Hammersmith casserole for chili and cassoulet because searing is so easily controlled in pure tin. You can sweat your mirepoix on super-low heat because every last btu goes into the pot, not up the sides. Our favorite? The annual end-of-season 8 hour tomato junk …and throwing around French culinary terms near the shop in Bushwick.

Anyway, you get the point. Most things are better slow…

3 photos: polishing a copper pot, Brooklyn street scene, tinning a copper pot

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