Hammersmith Copper Sauce Pan

The Hammersmith line of copper cookware is no longer available. We will introduce the first of our redesigned, re-engineered Brooklyn Copper Cookware lineup in early 2015.

Everything we’re already known for will only be getting better in BCC v2.0 – we’re using even thicker copper on many of our pieces, adding new items, improving our copper-to-tin bond, and introducing the most elegant iron ever married to copper. Our first new pieces will include the 3 quart rondeau, the 16 quart stock pot, our very popular 6 quart casserole and our best-selling 9.5 inch sauté. We expect these early wares to sell out quickly. You can be first to know by signing up for our newsletter, or if you’d like to get on the pre-order list just click through to the contact page to let us know.

The Hammersmith Copper Sauce Pan.

Hammersmith Copper Sauce Pan

Your new best…pot…ever.

If you’re like us, you’ll use this sauce pan, wash it and put it right back on the range ’cause it’s always going to be the next tool you reach for. Simple and elemental, just like all Hammersmith goods. These thoroughbreds are hand-spun on original Waldow chucks before being dressed out with a curvy Stork cast iron handle and a heavy tin lining. We’re just sayin’ – you can’t go wrong.

The Hammersmith Saucepan. Crazy useful in four lovable sizes: 1 Quart, 1.5 Quart, 2.25 Quart  & 3.25 Quart

2 photos: View of Manhattan from Brooklyn, sauce pan on stovetop

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