The Hammersmith line of copper cookware is no longer available. We introduced our redesigned, re-engineered Brooklyn Copper Cookware lineup in 2015.

Everything we’re already known for will only be getting better in BCC v2.0 – we’re using even thicker copper on many of our pieces, adding new items, improving our copper-to-tin bond, and introducing the most elegant iron ever married to copper. Our first new pieces include the 3 quart rondeau, the 14 quart stock pot, our very popular 6 quart casserole and our best-selling 9.5 inch sauté. To learn more, please visit our online store.

The Hammersmith Copper Sauté Pan

Hammersmith Copper Sauté Pan

Take time with space.

We don’t know about anyone else, but if we’ve schlepped over to the Grand Army Plaza Greenmarket on the #2 for some of Ronnybrook’s excellent butter, we’re not going to go home and smear it just anywhere. The best butter you put on the best things, like Royal Crown’s Ciabatta, or under the sole you’re sautéing meunière in the best sauté pan you’ll ever use. Very gently, using very low heat, with the butter browned… just… so.

Get seduced just like Julia – you never know what might come of it.

Brooklyn view, manufacturing Hammersmith copper pots

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