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Dear Friends and Supporters:


We are pausing our acceptance of new orders until at least spring 2015. We've made this decision based on receipt of a large number of new regular and custom orders, favorable publicity, a standing backlog of orders and retinning work, and persistent difficulties from Hurricane Sandy necessitating the relocation of our operations.

We are, however, accepting pre-orders for any item (other than ovals) in our catalog, and will happily add your email address to our notification list to let you know when we resume our manufacturing. For now all pre-orders will be provisional and will not be charged until confirmed and scheduled into production. To get an idea of the changes coming to our line, have a look at our blog - generally, things are going to be more robust and representative of where we're busy designing them here in The Borough - new handles, thicker construction, heavier tinning. It's all good.

While the new line has been taking shape we've resumed our repair and restoration operations with new partners. Now our hand-tinning is not only heavier and smoother, we're able to turn-around projects much faster and we've cut our price by 15%. About all this we are very pleased and excited, so if you're ready to put that old copper back to work contact us and we will get it taken care of.

As we get everything else sorted out please feel free to drop us a line through the contact page or at 347-866-2600 - let us know your wishes, needs, interests and enthusiasms. Even though the shopping cart is off-line for the moment, the doors remain totally open at BCC and, while we have a lot to do in coming months, we always love hearing from you.

This hiatus was a tough call for us and we hate to break our stride, but the changes forthcoming for BCC will allow us to do better, more timely work for a great many more passionate cooks. Better, we figure, to break stride than run too fast and trip ourselves up.

Thanks as always,Mac Kohler photo

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The Finish Line. Lots of things grow in Brooklyn... The ingot tinning method.
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