Customer Reviews


“The Best Pan of Any Kind at Retail”

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“Not only are BCC’s pans American-made, they’re produced by metal crafters in America’s rust belt who kept these irreplaceable skills alive like a lost language. And, as you’ll read, while the BCC v2.0 pans are at least the equals of the greatest European makers’, they stand apart as unmistakably American in form.”

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Hungry Onion

“Artisanal Masterpieces”

Hungry Onion logo

Brooklyn Copper Cookware is on to something – these pots are very special indeed and BCC deserves hearty congratulations for producing these wonders! I am in awe – these are artisanal masterpieces, heirloom cookware that will make many wonderful meals during my lifetime and for generations to come.”

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“Without Compromise”

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“BCC on the other-hand is making a selective range of artisanal copper products by hand and without compromise. They are appealing to those cooks who want to reach the pinnacle of their craft, much as the Stradivarius workshop once did for musicians many generations ago.”

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“In the zombie apocalypse, I’m saving this. The SO has to fend for himself.”

“That’s legitimately the sexiest thing I’ve ever seen. 10/10. Would beat someone to death with a bat wrapped in barbed wire for it.”

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Philip Meech, Caffè Lusso Coffee Roasters

“I’ve not seen their equal.”

Words are going to fail me a bit here – but wow. I received some of the pots last week. They have not been put to the stove yet – I know that is their purpose and rightful destination, but for several days now I’ve let them be in their own space on my coffee table. What art! What craftsmanship! What timeless pieces! I knew they were going to be impressive, but this is above and beyond. In all my years of cooking, numbering perhaps 30, and specifically in the last 5+ years of cooking on various forms of copper, I’ve not seen anything like this before. After thoroughly inspecting my Brooklyn Copper Cookware both visually and by touch – suffice it to say I’ve not seen their equal. —Philip Meech

James M., First-time Customer

“I am in love.”

I wanted to say how much I love my first piece. Taking a bit of inspiration from your instagram, the first dish was potatoes au gratin which was a delight. I think it tasted better only because I was using BCC. Such a beautiful, well built piece of cookware. I am in love. I am sure you noticed that I put an order in for another piece as well; you go down a rabbit hole once the first piece arrives.

The Rondeau feels like a Rolex, something substantive, just out of this world. I cannot wait for the second piece to arrive. I am already planning dishes! If I find myself in Brooklyn, I will definitely reach out. Would love to shake your hand and buy you a glass of wine as thanks for such an incredible product.— James M., NYC

Cheryl Holben Design

“A true artisan shop.”

I am a designer, and years ago, growing frustrated with product quality and customer service from large retailers and manufacturers, I began seeking out small artisan creators to service my clients’ needs. Artisans simply take pride in their work and want happy customers: the quality is reliably outstanding, the designs unique, and customer service is unbeatable. Brooklyn Cooper Cookware is a true artisan shop, meeting all of these criteria and more. They were even willing and able to refer me to a cast iron skillet company. I highly recommend them! —Cheryl Holben

Heather Lynne Kwon, Seoul, South Korea

“The pans are great!”

Before using these pans, I was worried that tin lined copper was only for extremely skilled professional level chefs, but after using it, I realize that NOT using tin lined copper requires a much higher level of skill! When you use the wrong pots or pans, tasks that are actually very easy, become very difficult (for example ~ making a roux for my toddler’s macaroni and cheese, or sautéing onions just right, or deglazing the pan after lightly searing beef in butter and then sautéing onions and mushrooms to add to a yummy stew, making gravy etc). The pans are great! —Heather Lynne Kwon

Sharon Fain, Once and Future Restoration Customer

“So rare to find.”

Wow! How refreshing to find people passionate about their field, and in providing service to their (as yet not) customers! Kudos, and you made my not-so-good day a lot better now that I know the pan is OK to continue using.

Again thanks for your wonderful knowledge and camaraderie! So rare to find – and I’ll be keeping you in my “refer everyone and forever depend on these guys” file! —Sharon Fain

Press Reviews and Coverage


“Do You Have a Copper Pot Dealer?”

“When you’re using good tools—the real deal—and you get the results you’re aiming for, you’re just more present. It’s almost meditative.

Excerpts from interview with Alex Tesare, editor.

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Bon Appétit

“First Off, the Cookware’s Just Cooler”

Bon Appetit Logo

“We have our eye on Brooklyn Copper Cookware, which makes copper pots and pans the old French way: by hand. A nonstick tin lining instead of stainless steel means they heat up faster.” 

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“Keep it Classy. Keep it Easy.”


“A pot that is also a handmade heirloom.” 

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Gear Patrol

“The Wish List.”

Gear Patrol Logo“For years, the finest copper cookware has come out of France and Italy, from such notable brands as Mauviel, Navarini and Lagostina. The pots and pans from Brooklyn Copper Cookware are right up there with the best of them.

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The Bulletin by Schumacher

“Labors of Love.”

Schumacher Logo

“With a forged copper Rondeau, dinner will taste as good as it looks.

From The Bulletin, Vol. 6: “Why Beauty Matters.”

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Architectural Digest

“How to Clean Copper Pots and Pans”

Architectural Digest logo“Generally speaking, one uses copper cookware low and slow, meaning it’s the metal of choice for delicate preparations”

“In the case of copper, a patinated surface is becoming harder and more thermally efficient,” says Kohler. “Professional chefs cultivate a good, dark patina as one does bloom on wine grapes; it improves what the thing is supposed to do.”

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Science Channel – Made by Destruction

“Copper Pots, Dresses, And Roads”

Science logoOur manufacturing process was featured in Season 1, Episode 8 of The Discovery Science Channel series “Made By Destruction.” The segment traces how copper from reclaimed tube television sets is recycled and turned into high-end Brooklyn Copper Cookware.

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The Wall Street Journal

“The Cast Iron and Copper Pot Comeback”

Wall Street Journal logo“I fly to copper,” says Mark Lapico, executive chef at Jean-Georges restaurant in New York. “It’s shiny and gorgeous. A new copper pot is magnificent to me like a newborn baby.” 

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The Austin American Statesman

“Copper cookware sets bring some flair to kitchen atmosphere”

Austin American Statesman logo“Brooklyn Copper Cookware has created a 6-quart casserole with a 10-inch flat cover that is quite versatile. Use this casserole for simmering, deglazing or even searing ingredients with confidence.” 

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The Washington Post

“How to: Make an Old Copper Pot Safe to Cook In”

Washington Post logo“According to the Copper Development Association, a trade group, (Brooklyn Copper Cookware) is the only U.S. company left that makes copper pots.” 

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Paste Monthly

Paste Magazine

“The 10 Best Brands of Kitchen Gear Made in America”

“Some people have a shoe thing, or a purse thing, or a car thing. And then there are people with a copper thing. Cooking with copper just feels different. The metals responds to a cook’s adjustments with a swiftness that makes the cook feel more in control, and more unified with the process. There’s a tactile magic to it that no other cookware can match—plus, the pans just look really foxy. Though plenty of European manufacturers have made copper cooking vessels for centuries, there’s an American upstart: Brooklyn Copper Cookware, which makes pans and pots in the old style, with tin lining and cast-iron handles. They’re gorgeous in every sense of the word.”  

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New York Originals

New York Originals logoBrooklyn Copper Cookware was featured in the Emmy award winning PBS series “New York Originals” Season Two, Episode Two. We’re also included in the companion book available from Rizzoli Publishing.

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The New York Times

“The Warm Glow of Copper Pots, Made in Brooklyn”

The New York Times logo“The cookware is made the old-fashioned way, with pure tin linings instead of stainless steel, which even many European manufacturers use. The heavy, iron-handled pots perform beautifully.” 

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I Love NY: Ingredients and Recipes

“Handcrafted Beauty”

I Love NY Cookbook“Mac Kohler’s collection of antique cookware is a sight to behold. A lover of all things copper, he is drawn to copper pots’ handcrafted beauty, durability, and, most of all, their utility in cooking…”

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Food & Wine

“Beautiful Kitchen Tools”

Food & Wine logo“Tin-lined copper pans are unbeatable. They shed heat as fast as they gain it, perfect for fragile sauces and control-freak cooks,” says Mac Kohler… “Re-tinned as needed, the pans last forever.” As the only copper-cookware maker in the US, the company has gained a following among chefs like Alice Waters.

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Martha Stewart Living

Brooklyn Copper Cookware

Martha Stewart logo“Copper pots have long been associated with French cooking (think Julia Child). …As long as the pans are retinned every decade or so, ‘the lifespan is unknowable.’ Kohler says. ‘I have an 18th-century pan that’s as useable as the day it was made.’

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