Waldow Cookware Catalog and Price List

Brooklyn Copper Cookware got its start using the tooling from the storied Waldow line of copper cookware. Until the late 1970s, Bruno Waldo made and sold high-quality copper cookware right here in Brooklyn, NY. History buffs, copper collectors and chefs who admire classic copper cookware will enjoy these pages from a genuine 70’s era (we believe 1974 – 75) Waldow wholesale product catalog.

For a short time, Waldow kept a showroom in Red Hook on Van Dyke Street, which in 1970s Brooklyn was no one’s idea of a shopping destination (still isn’t, really). Even so, visitors were apparently numerous enough to justify a takeaway color catalog.

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One thought on “Waldow Cookware Catalog and Price List

  1. Paul

    Wow, I can’t believe it all started in Red Hook. I lived on Van Dyke Street as a kid. Brooklyn Copper Cookware has come a long way.


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