The best tool for the job.

You love to cook, and we’re guessing you’re probably pretty good at it or you’d be Googling something other than copper cookware. That means you’re ready for your best recipes to get even better—ready to stop compensating for your gear and just rely on it—without second-guessing, without thinking.

You’re ready for hand-made Brooklyn Copper Cookware.

Why copper cookware?

The best quality handmade copper cookware starts with the human touch.

Individual goods. Made by individuals, for individuals.

Every item in our range is completely unique. While each of our 3 quart sauté pans holds a honest 3 quarts, that’s where the similarity to other cookware ends.  Every vessel Brooklyn Copper Cookware makes is spun from heavy copper and wipe-laid by hand with pure tin. Every pan in the Brooklyn Copper Cookware range takes at least 8, and at most 11 hours to build, and is the singular effort of a small group of coppersmiths, tinsmiths and ironsmiths, all steeped in skills perfected centuries ago and once again available locally.

Now you can choose your pots just like you choose what goes in them – for the very best quality and close to home.

Simple, organic, elemental.

The only ingredients in our pots and pans are copper, tin and iron; Cu, Sn and Fe in the Periodic Table of the Elements. Our pure metal cookware is as unalloyed and organic as it comes.

Copper is a necessary trace nutrient, but, like grandma used to say, you can have too much of a good thing. That’s why smiths have been lining copper cookware with non-reactive tin for centuries. You never have to think about what could be going into your food other than what you put in the pot. Which is how we think it should be… and was not so long ago.

We know you’ll love using our pots and pans. So will your kids, your grandkids, their kids… you’ll pass your Brooklyn Copper Cookware on, along with the appreciation for fine cuisine that brings you to us in the first place. With Brooklyn Copper Cookware, you’ve reached the end of the upgrade cycle.

 Think twice. Buy once.

At Brooklyn Copper Cookware, we’re not interested in selling you the same piece more than once; truth to tell, one of our goals is to sell you less over time. We’d like you to buy just what you need and then help you to keep it in good shape. Tin-lined copper is uniquely renewable, so with a little care anything you buy from BCC will last many lifetimes. In our business we stress what we care about, and responsible stewardship is for all of us a core value. BCC will never be “BTC” (Business to Consumer); we’re BTO (Business to Owner). It’s a business model we’d like to think is coming back into vogue.

With all due respect to Craig Claiborne (below), copper is today known to be relatively abundant in the earth’s crust, and as energy and waste-efficient as it has become in recent decades, making raw ore into a usable pan costs our planet and affects our future on it. Light as they are compared to others, we’re aware of the waste footprints we leave to make Brooklyn Copper Cookware. That’s the first step toward lightening them even further.

We believe that knowing the stakes informs better choices. When you buy from BCC or anywhere, we hope you’ll consider your purchase carefully.

“Traditionally, of course, there is one ultimate kind of cookware, and it is made of copper which is becoming one of the rarer metals of the world. There is an enormous difference, however, in cooking pieces made of copper. There is the thin sort, which is of dubious value where good cooking is concerned. We’ve always considered one of the big ripoffs of our generation all that stainless steel merchandise with the copper-clad bottoms that was sold some years ago from coast to coast. And perhaps still is.

“In any event, the real treasure is solid professional-weight copper lined with tin… a solid copper stock pot with tin lining, pounds heavy saucepans of various volumes. The cost is a king’s ransom, but this is Tiffany-value stuff and will last well beyond the present lifetime of anyone reading this. The prices range from $20 for a charlotte mold to $185 for the stock pot, which includes an au gratin cover. The values will increase with time and in our books copper is a sound investment.”

Craig Claiborne, Craig Claiborne’s Favorites from The New York Times, 1975, p. 73.

Fun Fact: Adjusted for inflation, $185 in 1971 (the year Claiborne’s original essay was published) for the 2.5mm 11 quart stock pot cited equals $1170 in 2018. Quart-for-quart, the thicker 3mm BCC 14 quart Stocker is 17% less expensive in constant dollar terms.

Born in Brooklyn, forged in the USA.

Our company’s home is here in Brooklyn, NY, literally down the street from the late, great Waldow Co., the last pot maker from the heyday of coppersmithing in America. We got our start on the old Waldow tooling before designing our own, and now Brooklyn Copper Cookware is a true native of America’s foodie ghetto, hand-made down to the rivets in America, and ever more committed to sustainable manufacturing and super-low environmental impact.

Brooklyln Bridge Panorama

We not only know pots, we know cooking. That’s what got us into this business.